This card from Nature is the only reply I have got during my 12 years of one-sided correspondence to science media. One exception is a Swedish newspaper that1993 and 2005 published interview-articles that was peer-reviewed by physicists at Stockholms University.

In the beginning of September 1994, I sent a synopsis of my research-paper, plus the derivations (here under), to many scientific magazines and scientific journals, and to scientific editors at the big international newspapers. I questioned them if they were interested to study and discuss a proposition for an article.

That synopsis described my version of "The Unified Theory of Physics" that is based on observations of the wave displacement phenomena and development by experiments and derivations that revealed the long sought and very wanted entropy law that explains the redshift-mechanism behind electrodynamic radiation.

Since I also have written letters to many scientists, especially physicists, and attached the derivation you can see here, I found that I must secure my priority right. Consequently I presented my paper for Notarius Publicus and got the papers registered, which the stamps on those three documents show.

I have got many positive reactions on internet and at conferences that show intelligent people understand this empirical research, derivations and conclusions. They agreed that this theory is the correct replacement for the modern physics.

I have given out hundreds of compendium-papers (that you can see as pdf-document on my home page) to scientists on my five conferences. I have got confirmation that many scientists at universities and science media have read my version and derivation of "The Unified Theory of Physics". But, no scientist hitherto has integrity to agree officially.