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The Unified Theory of Physics
discovered and derived and developed and demonstrated by
Ingvar Åstrand

- independent researcher and inventor -



I have noticed that there are some visitors of this website who often come back looking for updated news.

I will therefore tell you that I soon (beginning of 2009) will show you many very interesting new discoveries.


This site is about a new empirical theory that I have derived from my discovery of an observation of a phenomenon that is so simple that everybody have seen it, but, nobody has noticed it.
From the start page's beautiful wave-picture I have derived the empirical theory that I presented at the TH2002 conference.
This Unified Theory of Physics explaines and unifies by understandable equations the modern physics' all fragmented phenomena .
I will present a larger gratis PDF-paper later.

The important discovery is that there is a constant wave-elongation that is proportional to the waves' propagated distance.
This new discovery implies that the long searched natural law and mechanical principle behind the radiation entropy now is found.
This simple entropy law is the same for electrodynamics (light) and hydrodynamics (water-waves) and airdynamics (sound).

I have presented The Unified Theory of Physics (PDF)at following conferences:

  • NPA at Connecticut University in Storrs 2000 (Program)
  • TH2002 at UNESCO in Paris 2002. (Poster-introduction)
  • Baltic State Technical University in St.-Petersburg, Russia 2002
  • Kazan State University, Russia 2003. (I gave a plenary-lecture)
  • NPA and AAAS at Denver, Colorado 2004 (Abstracts and Program, and Lecture about the CO2-sink)


This NEW summer-sound experiment (from May 2009) also verifies the natural law of general entropy displacement.
I have found by experiment that even sound dissipates by increasing waves-lengths which I measured to: 1.1x10^-4.
This experiment unifies the two interpretations of how energy by entropy is displaced towards equilibrium. They are:
- the kinetic gas-theory by Boltzmann that gave a "probabilistic molecular understanding of irreversible entropy".
- the radiation entropy theory by Clausius who searched the explanation to dissipation of energy by "a simple general law".
- even Planck searched the "energy distribution law of heat radiation" but misinterpreted the entropy shift as quantum jump.

I made the Unified Theory's derivations (1993) of the equations from the wave-elongation picture at this web-sites start-page. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Here you can see the abstracts from my two presentations and the program at the Denver-conference in Colorado,
April 7-10, 2004, organized by (Natural Philosophy Alliance) NPA and AAAS.

  • One abstract is about the Unified Theory of Physics, and
  • The other abstract is about my discovery of the sink-cycle that continually normalizes CO2 in the atmosphere:
    I lectured about this sink and explained how the oceans are (a little) warmer by the compression and reduction of CO2.


The great scientist Rudolf Clausius searched the entropy mechanism and the definition of the entropy principle, but he did not find any "interest in Josiah Gibbs' work on chemical equilibrium or Boltzmann's views on thermodynamics and probability".
Many other scientists such as Wilhelm Wien and Jožef Stefan and Max Planck also searched the thermodynamical principle and forces that cause the energy as irreversible electrodynamical radiation to propagate towards equilibrium.

Boltzmannz' probability molecular theory became the temporary entropy paradigm that, by the time, hindered the developement.
Planck's dind't understand the measurings from the experiments' heat radiation's temperatures and wavelengts that implied fractional displacement. Planck misinterpreted it as discontinual jump in the distribution of the radiation's energy, he called it quantum of action.

Max Planck said in his interesting Nobel lecture that: "... Either the quantum of action was a fictional quantity, then the whole deduction of the radiation law was in the main illusory and represented nothing more than an empty non-significant play on formulae, or the derivation of the radiation law was based on a sound physical conception. In this case the quantum of action must play a fundamental role in physics, and here was something entirely new, never before heard of, which seemed called upon to basically revise all our physical thinking ...".

My derivation demonstrates that the increasing redshift with the distance of the galaxies' spectral lines that Edwin Hubble found was the same fractional displacement of the wave-lengths of the radiation that also Max Plank's found but never understood.
As neither Hubble understood the phenomenon of fractional displacement of the wave-lengths of the radiation, he provisionally multiplied the measurments of fractional displacement with the speed of light and interpreted it as a Doppler redshift that implied as a consequence a hypothesis an expanding university where the galaxies are acclerating in an receeding infinity.
The redshift was interpolated backwards and interpreted as the birth of the universe and the explanation to the Creation by God according to the Bible's Genesis Myth. This spiritual Big Bang Belive has emerged from Abbe LeMaitre's inspirations by holy spirit, and from Georg Gamow's illusions caused by destilated spirit -- but coined as Big Bang in an ironical comment by Fred Hoyle.

Read these interesting and uncovering articles about all the intrigues behind the nomination of the Nobel Prize to Einstein:
Einstein and the Nobel Committee: Authority vs. Expertise (PDF), and
Reflections of a Historian of Science
, both are written by
Professor Robert Marc Friedman.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes' interesting web-page about his debunking books Albert Einstein - The Incorrigible Plagiarist
and Bjerknes' 2825 pages gratis PDF-book
The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Lee Smolin's writes about (dogmatic) groupthink in the article Why no 'New Einstein'.
The article is discussed in Physics Today Letter, and by 84 comments at Columbia University's mathematics' blog .

Open Letter in New Scientist to the Scientific Community started by Eric Lerner, author of "The Big Bang Never Happened".

Read the Russian Professor Josef Smulsky's interesting analysis that uncover the mistakes and misinterpretations of the
20 century's modern physics.We discussed those problems and solutions at the conferences in St.-Petersburg and Kazan.

I tried to discuss at the Bright's forum, where people are both Darwin-evolutionists and Big Bang-creationists.
They attacked me with harassment in order to assassinate my character and integrity, and made fun of my discoveries.
A psychopathic stalker sent a terrible letter to an NPA-friend of mine who follows my research. Sadly my friend published
my explanation on his web-site without asking me.
Read the stalking besserwisser's hate-mail against my sound theories.

Einstein plagiarised the work of several notable scientists , a NEXUS-article by by Richard Moody.
Proponents of Einstein have acted in a way that appears to corrupt the historical record.
As was typical of Einstein, he did not discover theories; he merely commandeered them.
Einstein took an existing body of knowledge, picked and chose the ideas he liked, then wove them into a tale
about his contribution to special relativity. This was done with the full knowledge and consent of his peers,
the editors of Annalen der Physik, Max Planck and Wilhelm Wien, who didn't understand the quantum interpretation,
but believed in Einstein's speculations.